Finding Confidence Through Voice

I'm not a typical singing teacher. Actually, we don't have to sing at all, if you don't want to, we can work towards confidence and vocal resonance by speaking and otherwise being loud, or at least in the beginning. And those who want to sing straight away will sing. You can read about the beneficial effects of singing on our body and soul in my free eBook.
I'm here for everyone, not just aspiring public singers, even in the shower you can sing with joy and confidence 🙂.

I don't mind one bit if you are shy, and if it takes you a long time to allow yourself to take a step into the unknown; and if perhaps you start to sink in your mind, we will look together at the part of your self from which your state of mind springs and nurture it. We will shine a light on the blocks in your mind that do not allow you to express yourself spontaneously and to let your voice ring freely in your being. When one day your voice will ring out

in all its glory, you can decide whether you have reached your destination by finding confidence, or whether singing is what fulfills you and you will pursue it in depth.

Singing with Tibetan Bowls

                                  I offer singin with the bowls in 4 forms:

1) as part of the Finding the Answers of Your Soul session
(you are the listener)

2) as a singing lesson with bowls (you are students, you sing)

3) as pampering recordings (you are pampered listeners)

3) as a live musical performance (you are the listeners)